Our Mission

Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean is an institution of higher learning committed to biblically training, equipping, and discipling students to glorify God by fulfilling His perfect will for their lives at home, church and in the wider community.

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Transforming minds – Changing Lives – Discipling Servants

Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean seeks to train and prepare students for service in God’s mission fields.

Study to show thyself approved, God tells us one and all.
Rightly divide the word of truth, so that we may not fall.

Through gates of learning lead us, beside the waters still.
And by thy Spirit lead us, into thy perfect will.

Let us hold fast the faithful word, throughout the islands wide.
Tell it to those who have never heard, that for them Jesus died.

God bless the Baptist Bible College, founded and built by Thee.
Guide and protect her all the way, and may she faithful be.

When all we students meet again around the Saviour’s feet.
Reviewing all God’s done for us, our joy will be complete.