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The Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean is located in the beautiful island nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Our campus overlooks the Grenadines scattered across the sea. We have teachers and students from the Caribbean and North and South America. After completing 130 credit hours, each student will receive a four-year Bachelor's degree in Bible with a minor in Pastoral Ministries (for men) or Women's Ministries (for women). A two-year Associate's degree is also offered.
The enrollment was 17 students for the first semester 2010 and 18 students for 2010-2011.

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BBCC History

1953 – 1960

 In 1952, the Lord directed Mr. & Mrs. Ross Holmes to the island of St Vincent.  The Holmes were persuaded that the best way to reach the people of the West Indies was to teach the people to teach and preach in their own communities.  They were supported in their conviction by Mr.& Mrs. Schelegel and Mr. & Mrs. Henry who arrived in St. Vincent on August 16, 1952.  The Lord used this team to start Baptist Bible School of St. Vincent on February 3rd 1953. 

Baptist Bible School was started in Ratho Mill and remained there for 3 ½ years. The first courses taught were a Pastors’ Course for men (3 years) and a Christian Ed Course for girls (2 years). Twelve students were in the first class --all Vincentians --6 boys and 6 girls.

Tuition was $5 per month in 1953 and was increased to $8 per month in 1954 with a registration fee of $20

The first group of students to attend from another island was 3 male students from St. Lucia in 1954.  The name of the school was then changed to Baptist Bible School of the Windward Islands.  The school year was from February to December with graduation in December.    This was followed by a 6-week break before the next school year began.

 The school was moved from Ratho Mills after 3 ½ years to the current Prime Minister’s house in Montrose for 6 months (June – December 1956).  The school was forced to move because the property was sold.

 In 1956 the current location of 5 acres and 33 rods was acquired for $3000 EC.  The asking price was originally $3800 EC.  In 1955, while on furlough, Brother Schelegel received a $2500 US gift from his uncle, who originally intended to give it to a Baptist radio broadcast.  This gift was used to purchase the property, and construction began in 1956.  The school was closed from 1957 – 1960 and resumed in 1961 with new facilities.

 The first buildings built were the teacher’s building (which is probably the house #1) and the library.

 Baptist Bible School received an anonymous gift of $3000 US for 2 years, $2500 the following year and $1500 thereafter.  They later found out that this anonymous giver was a builder from Florida.

The first 3 graduates included Maude Jackson nee Thompson, Grace Lewis and another female student who could not be identified. 

After the three St. Lucians attended the school in 1954, the word began to spread to other islands.  The Vincentian and St. Lucian missionaries met annually in January and through them the churches in the islands became more aware of the school and its mission.  Students started attending from Dominica, Barbados, Martinique, Montserrat, Guyana and Grenada.

Four boys and 2 girls in the class in 1960 – Reginald Ralph, Freddie Cupid, Lorna Harry nee Mercury, David Jackson, Elliot Gibson and Juliet Spencer-- all from St Vincent.  Over the years there were more St Lucians attending Bible School.  The reasons were due to bigger churches and better economy.  The school was administered by missionaries.  The property was owned and held by Baptist Mid-missions, and the four teachers were Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Mr. and Mrs. Schlegel. The Holmes returned to the US during this time.  The general council was set up in 1978 to review school policy and to elect the school president and vice president.  St Lucian missionaries were the advisory council, and the board of directors constituted of the teachers.

 The team continued to build unto the school as the demand got greater.  The teachers’ quarters and the library were completed by 1959, but there was still much room to grow.   The kitchen/dining hall was built next.  Prior to that, the dining room was what the library is currently, and the kitchen was the end room which once Ms.  Russell’s office and is now the tile and paint room.  The car port and president’s office were built at a later time. 

 In 1973 the main chapel building was built to create more space and a chapel for worship.  The board decided that they needed a minimum of $5000 US to build the foundation.  Once the money was raised, construction began with a crew of five builders. Brother David Jackson was the contractor.   Many of the workers were from Stubbs.   The Lord continued to provide for the building which was designed to be a 2-story building but became a 3 story building because of the slope.  Labor continued for a year, and it cost $40,000 US to complete.  All the money was raised in the USA, and the building was finished in 1976.  

 Other teachers joined the Schlegels and Henrys during the 60s and 70s.  American teachers were the McNamaras, Greens and Texters.  They were joined by Erald Edwards from Barbados, Margaret Soleyn, Desmond Fessal, and Sandra Wilkins all from Calvary Baptist Church in Arnos Vale and Pastor Agustus Clarke from Berean Baptist Church, Georgetown.  Ma Forbes was also hired as the school’s cook some time during this period. 

 1980 to 1999

  • On June 24, 1982, the school became incorporated.
  • Baptist Mid-missions handed over the property to the West Indians
  • The first West Indian president, Desmond Fessal, was elected.
  • More American missionaries came to assist in the teaching: the Umbaughs, the Wests, Miss Linda Russell, and the Berrys, to name a few.
  • More West Indian teachers came on board.
  • The school graduated 62 students from Antigua, Monsterrat, Martinique, Dominica, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, and St. Vincent1999 – 2000

1990 to present

            The school closed between 1999 and 2001.  Through the help of Tri-City Baptist Church, Wetminster, Colorado—under the leadership of Doc Matt Olson and Northland Baptist College, Wisconsin—under the leadership of Doctor Les Ollila, the school was refurbished and upgraded to a college.   Classes began in August 2001 with 10 student and 4 resident teachers: the Hills and the Vahles.  Richard Hill is the college’s first president.  Many American teachers have taught block courses.  Some of these are Doctor Matt Olson, Doctor Tim Collard, Doctor Dick Fellars, and Doctor Bruce Love.

            Other American teachers who taught at BBCC for a short time are David Feriante, Timothy and Valerie Waite, John and Sarah Fieck, Tim and Amy Michalek.  Mike and Debbie Edwards, missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions, joined he staff in August 2005. Pastor Desmond Fessal rejoined the faculty that year.  Willis Hackshaw, a 2005-graduate joined the staff in august of that year and Ronald Joseph joined this year.  Pastor August Clarke began teaching Conducting in 2005.

            The college began its Master’s program in 2005 with professors from Bob Jones University and Gateway Baptist Church as teachers.

            BBCC continues to have students from many Caribbean islands.  For the first time, students from Nigeria and Haiti attended the college.

            Richard Hill resigned as president after the 2007-2008 school year.

            Alan and Beth Hill, also Baptist Mid-Missionaries, joined the teaching staff in August 2009.

            At the close of the 2010-2011 school year, Carl Naitram, a St. Lucian native currently pastoring in Barbados, was elected chairman of the board.

            Kieth Inniss was selected by the board to serve as Administrator of the college beginning January, 2011.

*Attention graduates and former staff, if you have any further information you would like to see us add here, please contact us by email.